414 East 7th Street is Closing

As some of you already know we are closing down the store. It hurts both of our hearts that this is coming to an end, but it had to happen. And we now have our first failed business under our belts. According to Shark Tank that is no big deal. 🙂 It’s hard to make it on those side streets! However, Nowhere to Land is far from over! We are still going to sell online through Etsy and Ebay. And we are going to do events around town in which we will post about through social media so we can hopefully see all of your beautiful faces.

We will be in and out of the store until the end of May clearing it out. If the door is open pop your head in and say hi! We are hoping to find someone to take over our lease mid June. If you know of anyone please pass along the message!

We want to say thank you to all of our supporters & customers over the past 2½ years! Honestly, you are what kept us going this long. We will miss you. And we will miss the avenue. 4th Ave will always be a home for us.

One last thing, if there was any thing you had your eye on at the store go to our Ebay store. We are auctioning off most of our store over the next month or so in an attempt to pay some of our debt and start our next business venture…the infamous hot dog cart that has been sitting in our driveway for 3 years waiting patiently for this moment to arrive. As soon as it is up and running we will let you all know.



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